A Color Story

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In short

A Color Story is a free goto app for Android created by A Color Story. And this is a perfect way to use format.


Now my goto app for editing photos

My favorite photo editing app

My favourite photo editing app

The curves tool is the best designed I've seen in a while

This app has always worked great for me on my Android phone

Love the crisp filters and how simple it is to navigate the app

All in a really simple and easy to use format

This is the BEST editing app out there hands down

The easiest filter app I have used

The curves tool is awesome

It is just a poor version of VSCO cam

The quality of the photo in the editing platform looks poor

New edited photos still crashes and won't save

It is not so user firendly

Also looked in the app for any kind of bug request but didn't see it

It seems there's no way to restore them

Disappointed to see that there are so few options for free

It keeps freezing on the tutorial screen and I was anxious to try it

If I can't save my pictures it isn't even worth editing

After a full edit it crashes when trying to save it


A Color Story focuses on fresh photos, bright whites, and colors that pop. Rather than forcing you into a moody look, the app has— • over 100 carefully crafted filters, incl. purchases • over 40 movable effects, incl. purchases • over 20 FREE tools, including curves • custom filters saved from your editing steps

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