Acrostics Crossword Puzzles

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In short

Acrostics Crossword Puzzles is a game app for Android created by Egghead Games. And this is a perfect way to pass time.


Very cool to do on my phone

Always love my puzzle books and these are a fav

A great way for word nerds to pass the time

I highly recommend this terrific game app

It can take a few taps to make entries but otherwise very fun

Excellent customer service

This is a great way to pass the time

Glad there are more puzzle options now

Customer service is impeccable

There are certain word puzzles that I love and this is one of them

The apps is completely useless to me and a royal waste of money

This app went from nearly unplayable on my tablet to my new favorite


Acrostics, also known as Crostics, Anacrostics, and Double-Crostics, are like crossword puzzles with a bonus prize. The app includes 40 quality puzzles from Puzzle Baron, Acrostics by Cyn, Penny Press, and Acrostica. Your goal is to reveal a hidden quote in a grid by correctly answering crossword-style clues. This combination of crossword and cryptogram will stretch your brain with an entertaining workout. Each letter in the quote is linked to a letter in one of the clue answers. As you fill in more and more answers, more letters will begin to fill the quote grid, until eventually the entire quote is revealed. You can also do this in reverse. As words of the quote become clear, they will fill in the clue answers! Designed for fast and easy play, Acrostics lets you concentrate on solving the clues without all the erasing of pencil and paper solving. The result is pure puzzle solving fun with no ads or distractions! Advanced play features include automatic grid updating and indexing, see related cells, multi-level undo, remove errors, and hints. A wide range of difficulty levels will challenge beginners and seasoned players alike. Acrostics includes more than 50 additional puzzle packs available for purchase, each for about the price of a mocha java caramel swirl Frappuccino. Pick your favorite author or try something different. These will provide HOURS and HOURS of fun! If you like word games, crosswords or cryptograms, acrostics are a fun way to exercise your brain! Quality Software by Egghead Games. Contact us at support@eggheadgames.com or www.eggheadgames.com. We stand by our products and will happily refund your purchase if you’re not completely happy. This app contains puzzles licensed from: www.acrostica.com, www.acrosticsbycyn.com, www.pennydellpuzzles.com and www.puzzlebaron.com.

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