Action Launcher 2: Pro

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In short

Action Launcher 2: Pro is an Android launcher app developed by Chris Lacy. This is a good app to find things.


But it is a very stable app that has a very nice look for my phone

Love the ability to pull up the widget by swiping over the icon

This is the best launcher app you can get

Quick shortcut container on the right

I like how much easier it is to find things

This launcher is my absolute fave

Thank you for superb apk cant complain

Hands down the best launcher there is

My favorite launcher by far

Wonderfully customisable launcher

But the way he updated to v 3 was horrible customer service

Not able to uninstall at this point

There is no refund button

So its unusably buggy on my nexus 5

Repeated force close on lollipop over last couple of weeks

Action launcher 3 is bulky and full of bloat i dont want to have

It's annoying as hell when I'm trying to do something fast

I don't see any development happening for the Pro customers

Stupid that I have to buy it again

Developer cheats the old users by selling the updated version


Note: Action Launcher 3 is now available! New users are encouraged to use that app to ensure you're running the latest and greatest release: http://goo.gl/91O2jm Featured by Engadget, Google Play, Lifehacker, MKBHD and Leo Laporte on TWiT "Action Launcher is something special."- Android Police "Action Launcher brings something new to the table, and it's definitely worth a look."- Android Central Action Launcher Pro unlocks the full feature set of Action Launcher. Upgrades include: • 1-Swipe: access the Quickdrawer and Quickpage from any app on your device, whether Action Launcher is running or not. • Use icon packs • Change the icon scale • Change individual icons • Hide apps from the Quickdrawer • Use Shutters in a folder • Change the widget used in a Shutter • Change the Quickdrawer and Quickpage backgrounds • Remove the upgrade incentives throughout the app • Access to future features such as displaying the unread/notification count Note: If you buy Action Launcher 2: Pro by mistake but want to upgrade to Action Launcher 3 Plus instead, buy the Plus upgrade in Action Launcher 3 with the same account as you bought Action Launcher 2: Pro with, then email support@digitalashes.com with a subject line of "Action 2 refund". Note: refunds that meet this criteria won't be processed instantly, but the refund will occur.

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