Acupuncture Assistant

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In short

Acupuncture Assistant is an Android acupuncture android app developed by Acupuncture Points Atlas.


It will make u the most complete acupuncture android app ever

Great point function listings

This app is very helpful when deciding a treatment plan

It is the best acupuncture assistance

Fast and accurate information

Very user friendly and a great quick reference

This app is very helpful to my clinical practice

It's very well done and very user friendly

I'm Medical Acupuncture Doctor in Indonesia

It is not 3 chun up from the external malleolus


Cheaper than any book and a lot more practical, the Acupuncture Assistant helps students and Acupuncture professionals to have a quick and practical access to Traditional Chinese Medicine points and suggestions to treatment based on signals and symptoms. Everything according to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Same point descriptions from www.tcmpoints.com Full description of 390 acupuncture points with illustrations (all regular points plsu 29 extra points). Each point includes: - Original Chinese name - Meaning of the name - Point Category - Localization with high quality images - Point Actions - Point Indications - Point target area of effect - Unitary Channel Option to add your own notes and information about each point. This data is sync between other devices and included in suggestions search. A search for point suggestions according to signs, symptoms and patterns. Time counters for patients rest time control. Buy once and use in all your Android phones and tablets. Acupuncture Assistant is more than an Acupuncture Point Atlas, it has a quick search where you can look for any information like signs, symptoms, desired point actions and instantly has suggestions of the most adequate points for the treatment. This Application is just starting. New features soon! Any suggestions or complains please, feel free to contact us: http://www.tcmpoints.com/contact/ ABOUT APP PERMISSIONS: Internet: We need internet access to backup and sync your notes (if enabled). Read User Accounts: We need access to your accounts to backup and sync your notes (if enabled) in your own Google Drive, so we don't need to store any of your data. Wake Device Up: To sound an alarm when your counters finish. Read External Drive: In case you have songs or ringtones installed in your external drive for the alarms.

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