Album Art Changer Pro

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In short

Album Art Changer Pro is an Android app from OCD Apps.


Great App and I have the Pro version

Thanks to the Development Team

Have a cold one on me for such an awesome app

Constant force closing Slow


Pro version allows automatic bulk update of album art. It is also free of ads. Downloads and sets album art to your music collection. Get art search result for any song. Also allows you to edit tags. Features:- Set album art per song basis instead of album High quality Images Bulk update missing album art Can save both to tags and android database Saving to tags lets the cover art to persist while moving the mp3 to different computer or device Choose cover art from gallery Edit tags such as title,album,artist Save Album Art to Gallery Play Songs Delete Songs In android there can be only 1 album art per album. If you change for a song in an album all others in that album will also change. Use the "Insert art per song"option in Settings to insert per song. If your music player doesn't detects changed album art, try clearing it's cache by going into Settings->Apps->Your Music Player->Clear data

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