Algorithms: Explained&Animated

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Algorithms: Explained&Animated is a free learning app for Android created by Moriteru Ishida. It can be recommended to other people and friends. And this is a perfect way to teach anyone.


Awesome app to learn algorithm and data structures

Best app to learn algorithms

Great to teach anyone about algorithms and data structures

Learning algorithms have never been this simple and powerful

Best learning app with clear understandable virtual design

This app really helps me to understand the topics

An incredible interactive learning experience

Overall awesome app and I hope it keeps getting features

Thanks for developing such app

Also great way to help you explain algorithms to other people

Not able to share in on what's app or text message

Why did this app not exist when I was taking college courses

Impossible not to understand it

App quality is not even that good

The vast majority of content is locked behind a paywall


Enjoy watching, trying, and learning with this guide to algorithms. The wide-ranging field of algorithms is explained clearly and concisely with animations. Deepen your understanding by exploring concepts in "Sim Mode". Also includes algorithms closer to home involving encryption and security. Come on, let's take a journey into the world of algorithms! ==== Categories and Included Topics ==== [ Sort ] Bubble Sort, Heap Sort, Quicksort... (6 topics) [ Clustering ] k-means Algorithm [ List Search ] Linear Search, Binary Search [ Graph Search ] Breadth-First Search, Dijkstra's Algorithm, A* algorithm... (5 topics) [ Math ] Euclidian Algorithm, Primality Test [ Data Compression ] Run-Length Encoding, Huffman Coding [ Security ] Hash Functions, Public-Key Cryptosystem, Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, Digital Certificates... (10 topics) [ Data Structures ] Lists, Stacks, Heaps, Binary Search Trees... (7 topics) [ The Web ] PageRank [ Recursion ] Tower of Hanoi ==== Recommended for... ==== [ People in the IT and software industries ] Whether it be website creation or website management, game development or system development, when using a computer to work as a team or work with clients, a broad knowledge of programming and information security is essential. With "Algorithms: Explained and Animated", you can firmly strengthen that fundamental knowledge. [ People interested in programming and information technology ] While there are many technical books on programming and the internet, their simple drawings and long explanations don't facilitate learning as much as they do boredom. With "Algorithms: Explained and Animated", anything from complex data structures like "hash tables"and "heaps"to information security topics like the "public-key cryptosystem"and "digital certificates"can be easily understood with animations. [ Experienced programmers and engineers ] When using standard methods like libraries, the more basic the concept, the more impenetrable it can seem. You might also find yourself struggling to explain concepts to a less-experienced colleague. For times like those, use "Algorithms: Explained and Animated"to keep your skills from getting rusty. ==== Downloading and Viewing All of the Algorithms ==== This app is free to download. A portion of the app's topics can be viewed after choosing to "Purchase all algorithms."==== On Tablet ==== This app is also compatible for use on tablet, where it can be used in both horizontal and vertical orientations. ==== Supported languages ==== - English - Japanese This app supports both English and Japanese, and will be displayed in the language that matches your device's language settings. If your device is set to an unsupported language, the app will be displayed in English.

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