Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7

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In short

Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7 is a free Android app developed by American Well. This app is recommended for truck drivers. This is a good app to get relief.


Recommended by Blue Cross to use with my insurance

Saved a trip to the Dr's office for a simple visit

And I was on video chat with very professional doctor

Fast Service no waiting in a waiting room for something simple

Quality care from the best physicians world wide

Quicker than driving to Dr Great service and no waiting in lines surrounded by other sick folks

Way more convinient than going to the Dr This made my life SO MUCH EASIER

Great time and money saver

Great to get relief at my convenience

I just had a video visit with Dr Would DEFINITELY use this service again in the future

The additional cost of an in office visit makes it an insult

App had terrible issue verifying myuhc and wouldnt take my HSA card

I was disconnected several times then blamed for my connection

Didn't even have to leave my couch to see a doctor

And he basically refused to assist me

Full of grammatical errors

You need to fix this


See a doctor, dietitian or psychologist anytime on your mobile device. Providers on Amwell are board certified, with an average of 10-15 years in practice. They are available 24/7, with no appointment needed. Amwell brings healthcare home, so that you can feel better, faster. Created by doctors, Amwell is: - The most popular consumer telehealth app worldwide in 2015, according to App Annie - The first telehealth service awarded accreditation by The American Telemedicine Association Have a question to ask a doctor, dietitian or psychologist? Get the care you need quickly - typical issues include: • Bronchitis • Cough • Sinus infection • Sore throat • Urinary tract infection • Vomiting • Diarrhea • Fever • Pinkeye • Flu • Sprains and strains • Cold • Respiratory infection • Headache • Depression • Anxiety • Weight concerns • Smoking cessation Just choose the type of visit you are looking for and select a provider. Depending on the issue at hand, the doctor can diagnose, suggest follow up, and prescribe, when appropriate. Amwell takes your privacy very seriously. Your visit with the doctor is secure and HIPAA compliant. CNET says: “Those without health insurance are certainly saving a lot of money via this doctor ‘visit’ and those with health insurance may find that their plan completely covers the virtual visit, or that it still saved them in fees they may have incurred had they rushed off to the ER first.” Amwell user: “I can't stress how easy and helpful Amwell was. I'll be using this app whenever I need to consult with a doc!” Amwell is accepted by many major insurers, like United Healthcare, with more added every day. Enter your health insurance information for a lower cost visit. Amwell doctor visits are now available in 46 states, including DC.

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