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In short

ASL Translator is an Android teaching app from Software Studios. It is suitable for people. It is a great way to learn vocabulary.


The tech support is also excellent

Recommend purchasing app for Android phones

I'm in The Deaf Ministry this is a great teaching tool

Great for learning vocabulary

Both very helpful in helping me learn sign

I use this to learn ask and it is very helpful

A must have for people learning

I am thrilled with the text to sign option

This seems to work well and does what it says

Do deaf people a favor and do NOT use this as a crutch


There are two parts to this app. 1. TEXT-TO-SIGN GENERATOR (SIGNED ENGLISH) 2. ASL PHRASES (ASL) PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING: The TEXT-TO-SIGN portion of this app translates English text into ASL signs and generates sentences in “English word order”. However it is not “Signed Exact English” we improve the translation with our Smart Translation Algorithm. PART ONE Over 30,000 words translated into Seamless Sign Language Video in real time! Patented technology seamlessly connects each signed word to display a smooth video stream, the only software with this unique feature. Translate entire books, emails, documents or text from the internet. Type a sentence, or cut and paste text into the text box and see the video translation in real time. (up to 50 words at a time). Made in cooperation with Signtel Inc., makers of the “Signtel Interpreter” Sign Language translation software. The Signtel Interpreter was developed with the assistance of deaf product developers, professional Sign Language instructors and interpreters. NOTE: (This app is NOT a full version of Signtel Interpreter) TEXT-TO-SIGN FEATURES • Seamless connectivity between signs • Over 30,000 words recognized • Over 1,400 Idioms and Phrases • Translate up to 50 words at a time • Cut and paste large amount of text • Translate entire numerical system • Time, Money, Dates • General numbers • Names i.e. Mr. Brown • Model mouths each word for lip readers • Finger spells any word not in our database • Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, and Replay Video • Slow motion • Loop video • Swipe video screen to see next or previous video • ASL Signs in English word order, plus our Smart Translation Algorithm. PART TWO 110 ASL Phrases Learn how to sign ASL idioms and phrases. Jessica Tanner (deaf actress) and Dwight D. Godwin, NIC (certified ASL interpreter), translate 100 idioms and phrases such as “where is the bathroom” and “train go sorry” into ASL. (No internet required) ASL Translation There are many different forms of American Sign Language. For example, there are over 100 different ways to sign “Birthday” and “Picnic” ASL signs vary in different parts of the country and even in different small social groups. We tried to take this into account and provide signs that are most commonly used. NOTE: This app is not meant to replace a live interpreter. AUDIO: If you are a hearing person, there is no sound with this application. INTERNET REQUIRED for the text-to-sign generator. (WIFI recommended) Comments – Questions –Technical Support, Please contact us at appsavers@gmail.com ** Guaranteed to work. Please email us if you have a problem appsavers@gmail.com** THANK YOU

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