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In short

Audiobook Player is a free Android music app from Forgotten Applications. It is a great way to do other work.


Fantastic to hear books whole pausing to do other work

Its the best audiobook player since the music app of iOS 6

This app is great especially for long audio books

This is an amazing audio book app

Great audio book player

It finds all of your audio books and makes it easy to use

It's exactly what I want to listen to audio books

Best solution so far for audio books

Conveniently scans my phone for available books

This is the best audio book player I could have ever hoped for

When disabled still claims it's on and refuses to do anything

Couldn't work out anything it doesn't tell you what to do at anything

It doesn't let me do anything when I press play nothing happens

Thought my audio book files were corrupted

HORRIBLE I couldn't even get a audio book and it wouldn't play at all

Stops playback for phone calls

Didn't even find anything on my audiobooks folder

Sometimes it does not save the last stopped location Uninstalling

Pauses for notification sounds and then begins playback again

Only has 10 sec skip


Slim & Simple Audiobook Player In order to enjoy this application you need to have audiobooks stored on your device. Features: • Free and ad free • Let the app automatically scan for audiobooks or manually specify a root folder • Support for M4B chapters and MP3 track names • Bookmarks • Sleep timer • Variable reading speed (0.5x to 2.0x) • Track progress of all your books • Hide/unhide books in your library • Initial Android N multi-window support Settings: • Duration time (total/remaining) • Lockscreen book cover art • Rewind after pause • Adjustable rewind and fast forward skip amount Customize your library by selecting a root folder, or use the automatic scan to find auidobooks on your device. Each folder is treated as a separate book. The app keeps track of all ongoing books in your library, showing a nice pie slice indicator and marking a book as completed when it has played to an end. One-click to jump 10 seconds back or ahead, and a 3 second auto rewind when pausing. The default settings can be configured. The reading speed feature is available on devices with Android M and higher.

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