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In short

Automatic Tag Editor is a free Android tagging app developed by fillobotto. This is a good app to edit mp3 tags.


But I wish it could tag music downloaded from Google Play Music

Great app for editing MP3 tags

The downloaded album arts look stunning and sharp

Overall its one the best mp3 tag editors

Best there is in automatically finding the right track info

Great app for finding missing cover art and artists

Great app to make my excellent music actually LOOK excellent

Musix Match is still the best

This is by far the best tagging app i have had

Absolutely amazing app

Music collection is still poor

Search Results Are Still Buggy

Ads get in my way while trying to type a song title in

Only the tags gets updated but the cover image remains blank

I just bought the premium version and it stopped working

It continues asking for permission to access write SD card

It displays a totally low quality cover on the songs

Can't get past SD card permissions

I have error on my phone screen overlayed on marshmallow j5 prime

Search option is terrible


Do you remember times when you first decided to keep your music library more tidy? You found out that the only solution was to fill in manually all songs info, one by one. These days are over! Automatic Tag Editor analyse your library and pick for you close tag matches, just tap on the one you prefer and you are done. It will only take five seconds per song...Guaranteed! And that's not all: it also gives you some squared hi-res pictures you can use as cover art by tapping on them. This automatic editor is perfect for editing ID3 tag of your music library. It updates the embedded tags so you don't lose them when you move files away from your phone. Edit all the most known tag information ‣ Title ‣ Artist ‣ Album artist ‣ Album ‣ Genre ‣ Year ‣ Track number Multiple audio formats are supported: ‣ Mp3 ‣ Ogg ‣ Flac ‣ Wma ‣ M4a Supports editing files on SD card!

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