Avira Phantom VPN

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In short

Avira Phantom VPN is a free Android vpn app developed by AVIRA. This is a good app to verify region.


In uae best vpn app for whatsapp calling

Best vpn app out there

Great easy to use vpn

Smooth VPN without unwanted disconnections

This is the best VPN I have ever used

Very good VPN and no ads

Only issue is Hulu sometimes acts up try to verify your region

Fast and stable connections

Keep up the good work

No customer support available

Weird how Google won't secure wifi networks all this technology

So I've basically paid to browse media I can't watch

Can't even get past the very first screen

Nowhere on app to input password to get pro back

Just received my receipt for unlimited traffic but been given 1Gb

Suddenly lost unlimited traffic

If they keep free version without ads and rubish things

Failed to solve the issue I grabbed it for


Avira Phantom VPN Don’t let the web browse you! Get Avira Phantom VPN to secure your connection, anonymize your activities, and open access to the whole web. It’s the easiest way to enhance your privacy and secure your open/unsecured WiFi connection through public hotspots. Anonymizes your activity (Privacy) Avira Phantom VPN enables you to safely and anonymously browse the Internet, keeping your personal data secure. It masks your real IP address to make you look like you’re somewhere (and someone) else, to help keep your identity and confidential activities (e.g. bank transfers or calls) private against any online intruders (individuals or organizations) who attempt to collect and exploit your personal data. Encrypts all your traffic (WiFi Security) Avira Phantom VPN prevents cybercriminals from seeing your data exchanges. When you’re on an open/unsecured WiFi network, hackers and other third parties can see your communications with friends, within social networks and shopping/banking portals, etc. Avira Phantom VPN encrypts your data on any network. Opens global web access (Geo-Freedom) Avira Phantom VPN gives you a more global Internet experience. Some news channels, social media, and video streaming websites cannot be accessed from certain regions and countries. Avira Phantom VPN lets you set your device IP address to look like you’re somewhere else, to help you access your personal networks, even if traveling where access is limited – because, even though countries have borders, the Internet should not. Languages English, German (more to come!) System requirements Android 4.0.3 and later. Traffic options in Free version 500MB/Month (unregistered) 1GB/Month (with account registration) Premium version (accessible via in-app purchase) Unlimited Traffic – Avira Phantom VPN Pro gives you full-scale data transfer. Premium Support – Includes mobile tech support provided by Avira’s team of security experts.

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