Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe

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In short

Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe is an Android keyboard app from Chicago Logic Inc. It is suitable for friends. It is a great way to see themes.



I love this keyboard and all the great options to customize it

Best keyboard there is for any portrait use

Would love to see smileys and icons in future updates

Definitely better than than the stock keyboard

The easy to see themes are awesome

Its a testament to Chicago Logic for keeping and improving this app

I'd love to see more customization added

Big Buttons key is clear and is concise

Thanks and hope Chicago Logic is reading these reviews and comments

Word prediction is terrible and don't work at all when googling

And the space bar is still too short

I'm going to get a refund unless it's fixed

Devs take too long to address issues

I have written to these people twice and have not gotten any reply

Does not give the option for BBD keyboard

It's word predictions are nearly useless

They buy bigger keyboards because the space bar is too small

Not happy about the height in Landscape Mode

99 Deluxe version not worth it at this time


Avoid those tiny, frustrating buttons on your smartphone keyboard and enjoy the most advanced smartphone keyboard layout in the world. (attn. devs - patented Delta II keyboard matrix can be licensed - see below*) Big Buttons Keyboard also has bigger number & punctuation buttons, making EVERYTHING you type on your smartphone EASIER and more ACCURATE! Bigger buttons are easier to read too. But the MAGIC is in the patented Delta II modified-QWERTY keyboard layout that is surprisingly fast, accurate & EXTREMELY quick-to-learn!! Includes word prediction, themes, emoji, speech-to-text, arrow keys, adjustable button click intensity and volume, more. Big Buttons Keyboard is secure. It requires no unsafe permissions. Note 1 - Important - Big Buttons will NOT work until it is installed!! Press the blue & white BB icon, then press "Installation - Important"at the top of the menu and do both installation steps - it's easy. Note 2 - All Android keyboard apps scare you with this warning: "Attention - This input method may be able to collect all the text you type..."Don't worry. Big Buttons Keyboard is a safe app that requires no risky permissions to run. Big Buttons Keyboard does not collect any of your data, nor can it access your emails, internet, text messages, etc. like most apps do, so type with confidence. Note 3 - If any download from the Android Market hangs, go to your: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market: Then Clear data and Clear cache. Then try to download again. Ideal for senior citizens and anyone with diminished vision and other eyesight issues that affect the elderly. About the patented Delta II keyboard matrix: Skydiving equipment designers consider the user's muscle memory reflexes to make their products consistent and quick to learn & operate. Big Buttons Keyboard uses the same muscle memory consideration. The result is big, easy to read, accurate to press buttons - arranged in an ingenious layout that is learned almost instantly. The patented Delta II tm modified QWERTY keyboard layout appeals to your muscle memory reflexes. Every letter is in proximity to where you already look and reach for it on your PC (QWERTY) keyboard. The result? Your muscle memory reflexes cause you to learn and type on the new keyboard extremely fast. With way fewer typos. Whether reaching for emergency handles on a parachute harness, or reaching for buttons on a keyboard - you want your muscle memory reflexes working with you, not against you. Welcome to the best smartphone keyboard layout in the world. Delta II - Born for Mobile. * Attention mobile developers, manufacturers, integrators - don't force impossibly small QWERTY on your customers. Give them a superior, proven mobile keyboard layout - designed for humans. License Delta II for use in smartphones, TV remotes, portable medical equipment, automobiles, aircraft cockpits, etc. Delta II is compatible with touch screens, hard button keyboards, next word predictors, swiper's, stylus, handicapped accessibility, senior citizens and more.. US Patent 7,658,562. Contact: bizdev@chicagologic.com

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