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In short

BlackPlayer EX is a music app for Android created by FifthSource. It can be recommended to devs and developers. And this is a perfect way to support company.



This is best music player app that i have ever used

Best Ever Music Player After Sony Music App

Listen when I tell you this app is an amazing music player

The best music player Android had ever had

Best music player I ever tried

Best music player I ever used

Tremendous music player

Hands down the best music player for Android

This is the best music player I've ever used

None of this streaming nonsense

Equalizer started making music soft and not it doesn't work at all

And it seems like it keeps resetting every day or so

I got no response for saying anything about it

Not going to post bugs if they just will ignore it

Kinda useless for artists

Fix Widget not Updating option does not work

Sounds ok only way to quit is by force stop

Not good enough Did someone forget the off switch

And then just stopped working arbitrarily


BlackPlayer Exclusive - Premium MP3 Music Player Extra features: - Folder view - Light theme! - 6 Extra Fonts, including option to use System font. - 11 Color accents. - 8 Extra Now Playing Themes - White Widget theme. - Extra Track information in Now Playing. Bitrate, samplingrate and format. - Customizable crossfading - Screen Always on option. - Screen rotation lock. - Change the Library startpage. - Customize the Library pages completely. Add, Remove and sort. - Custom grid size for Artist & Albums. - Custom colors! Actionbar, main and popup windows. - Manually search and set Artist images. - Blacklist Folders and Tracks - White widget theme. - Zap, discover your music fast with this smart function. Auto plays random music tracks for 5 seconds each. - Floating window control widget - Visualizer, customizable (Beta) - Widget and Notification customizations. - Change notification text color and background. - View Artists as bigger grid. - View Genres as List and as Big list. - Custom 4x1 Widget transparency. - Played Tracks can be tracked monthly instead of weekly. - Blur effect to Lockscreen or Widget. - 2 Extra text animations - 1 Extra transition effect - Show queue position in widget. - Add "PLAYLISTS"page to the Library. - Hide any of the Sliding pages. - Sort Artist albums. - Developer love! - More upcoming features! EX version always gets the new features first! Notes - Try out the Free version before you buy. Make sure everything works good and you are satisfied with it - This is a separate app. The Library, Playlists and Favorite tracks are shared between the Free and EX versions. - You can uninstall the Free version after installing EX version. Join the community for the latest news! https://plus.google.com/communities/116699651117862058032 If you want faster updates, join the beta channel! https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.kodarkooperativet.blackplayerex BlackPlayer standard features: - Plays standard locally stored music files, such as mp3, flac and wav. - Build-in Equalizer, BassBoost, Virtualizer, Left/Right sound balance. - Gapless playback - Tag editor - 3D Transition effects - 3 Widgets - Lyrics viewing and editing. - Lockscreen control support - Sleep Timer - Interchangeable fonts and themes. - Weekly most played tracks

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