Blaze of Battle

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In short

Blaze of Battle is a free war game for Android made by Shenzhen Leyi Network Co.,Ltd. This is a great app for strategy fans and devs. It helps to play time.


This is the perfect strategy game for strategy fans

Lots and lots of replay value and lots and lots of fun

This is the best strategy game

So addicted thats i even sleep thinking on game strategy

This is an amazing game and I love playing it all the time

And it's a breath of fresh air to the strategy world

It is breath of fresh air for the strategy genre

Fantastic game for your phone

Bob runs with a good support team and they are helpful everytime

Love the donate points feature amongst alliance members

DO NOT GET THIS THERE GAMES ARE COPIES THEY WANT YOU TO GET IT DON'T I hope you can add more credit card yo buy some stuff at the store

Free game but if you don't spend money support don't care about you

To many people leave due to cyber bullying

Very bad copy of clash of clans

Getting stomped by people you'll never catch in size sucks

Devs wants us to spend hundreds of hours in our phones

Fix the problems that people don't like

Tries to win over people who liked COC with false advertisements

Its ridiculous game ever i played

Thought this game was like clash of clans but its just clickbait


The most exciting SLG Game ever! Raise your own army, lead your powerful DRAGON and KNIGHTS to fight for Glory in Blaze of Battle! Build a mighty City and battle against millions of players worldwide. Play for FREE in this award-winning strategy game now! Join a mighty Alliance to chat and make friends with players all around the world. Train multiple troops and get yourself prepared for attacks against countless rivals. The whole City is counting on you! Claim your Destiny Now! FEATURES: - Build and customize your own City. - Raise a massive army to overwhelm your enemies with superior forces! - Command the Dragon to lead your army to final victory. - Summon the most faithful Knights to fight for your glory. - Battle against millions of players worldwide. - Join a mighty Alliance and Rally Wars against powerful rivals with allies! - Talk and strategize with your friends in On-line Real-Time Chat. - Conduct Researches to effectively boost the Development of your City. - Forge powerful equipment for your Dragon. Bring up the greatest commander ever! - Brutal Monsters roaming around, defeat them to get rare equipment ingredients totally for FREE! - Participate in various events to win precious rewards every day. NOTES: - Network connection is required. - Compatible with Android 4.0 or later. CONTACT US: If you have any problems or suggestions, please email us at

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