Border Siege [war & risk]

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In short

Border Siege [war & risk] is a risk game for Android made by ElectroWolff Games.


It really is the best strategy game of this style currently out there

Great multiplayer system as well

Just as frustrating and addicting as the board game

My favorite Risk game of all time

Good multiplayer and low battery use

This is a very fun app to play and it challenges you

Tons of customizable gameplay options

Great game to play with friends locally or around the world

Other than that this is a super entertaining game

But that being said this is a great game

Only about half load

Doesn't load properly or show settings button in upper right corner

Might be tablet related or an android bug exposed by the app

Poorly sized buttons

Offensive algorithms are seriously skewed

This happens so many times it makes it so it's not even fun at times

I've reached out a few times with no answer

That was my own stupidity


Similar to the classic Risk board game, and streamlined for quicker play. Border Siege was designed and developed specifically for Android phones and tablets. Supports two to six players, with any mixture of players and AI. Play locally using pass-and-play or try out the online turn-based multiplayer. Over 700,000 multiplayer games have been played!!! Border Siege is very customizable and supports a wide array of Risk options, house rules and other variations. Check out all the awesome features listed below: Basic features: • local or turn-based online play • 50+ high-quality maps including the classic Earth (Risk) map • vector-based drawing for full resolution support • play in landscape or portrait • touch-based interface designed specifically for Android • 11 different languages Gameplay features: • play domination or capital • full control over initial board placements or... • intelligent automatic board setup for quick games • fog of war, supply lines fortification • 7 card settings • 3 methods of resolving combat • attack one roll at a time, or all at once • pan, zoom or change the map drawing style at any time Multiplayer features: • unlimited number of games • instant notifications when it becomes your turn • in-game chat, with private messaging • move replays • player statistics and leaderboards • all settings are searchable to find the right game for you • create passworded games to play with friends • turn time limits from 2 minutes to a week • automatically remove/skip inactive players • friends, game invites, private messaging Even more features: • local game saves • create your own maps using the PC map editor • multiple AI profiles to tailor your opponent • instant AI speed option Map Editor: You can create your own custom maps to play locally in Border Siege. Submit your maps to the website to share your creations! User created maps and the PC map editor are available for download here: http://www.electrowolff.com/maps/ Additional Info: Don't be afraid to email me directly with any questions, desired features, or legitimate refund requests. Just use the "Send email"option in the Developer details below. This game was previously called "Drisk (Android Risk)"until a "Risk"trademark complaint raised by Hasbro forced a name change. Full details on the "Risk"dispute are available on the website.

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