Bracket Tracker

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In short

Bracket Tracker is a free Android app developed by JeffRichards. This is a good app to keep track.


Thank for adding the women's NCAA TOURNEY bracket

This is a great easy to use app

Worked out well for keeping track

Great support from the maker as well

The developers favorite fruit is strawberries

Also great response to emails and issues

I'm happy to use again


Manage the madness. Create as many brackets and pools as you'd like. Challenge your friends or co-workers. Check the latest scores and keep up with the standings. Supporting both the men's and women's college basketball tournaments in March. Features: * Men's college basketball * Women's college basketball * Add your brackets * Create your own pools (groups) * Game times and scores * View overall standings Any bracket entered in a pool is locked when the tournament starts. Make sure you've completed your picks by Thursday. Pools created after the tournaments starts are unofficial. Users will be able to join them but there's no protection against changing brackets like there is for pools created before the tournament started.

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