Broken Dawn:Trauma HD

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In short

Broken Dawn:Trauma HD is a free Android fun game from Hummingbird Mobile Games.


Story line and user interface are top notch

Fun game played Broken Dawn but really enjoy this one more

Awesome game play with some real intense battle scenes

Good size maps and lots of variety in gear

Game yang ke II udah punya penasaran ama yang pertama yes banget

The only issue though is that the dodge ability takes too much time

Pretty decent for an action game

Fun and maybe too go od of a time killer

Graphics are so good and controls are so easy and super fun to play

Awesome game great work guys

Game forceclosed twice as im about to finish a level

My phone shutdown unexpectedly

The music becomes a really boring loop after a while

Game is atleast better than the rest of the useless stuff online


This HD version uses a higher resolution texture、fully matched device resolution,the picture quality more clear. The world was engulfed by mutants of unknown origin overnight. Cities fell one by one, and the survival of humanity waned. An extraterrestrial attack? Or a biological one? What does the truth matter? What's important is to keep on the road of survival, in the dead cities where danger lurks around every corner…… Broken Dawn:Trauma HD is a campaign expansion of Broken Dawn:a 3D RPG shooter with intense combat, immersive controls and polished graphics, with technical specs that edge out other titles of this genre on mobile.This HD version uses a higher resolution texture,fully matched device resolution,the picture quality more clear. *Real-time dynamic lighting *Excellent gameplay *Immersive combat *Rich battle campaign

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