bTunes Music Player

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In short

bTunes Music Player is a music app for Android made by Brandon Ayers.


This is one of my favourite Music Player apps

Simple little music player and absolutely brilliant

A possible great music app

Best interface of any music app

Works very good htc desire

Works great on all my android devices

Works great on the note 2 best player I have come across

Best player on the market by far

Good emulation of iPod player

Looks great love the layout

Album Art gets stuck on screen

Bluetooth controls don't respond at all though

There is no volume adjustment

Does not update web sites

Switched to Player Pro months after dev stopped responding

Tried every popular app to no avail

Doesn't work bettet than the stock player

Developer didn't die idiot it was updated last month

The developer died an untimely death

Was a good app but I can't use it anymore


This is for Android 2.0 and up. bTunes is a music player that has a similar layout to the iPhone music player and the iPod Touch music player. Some Features Include: Reads embedded album art, Voice commands, Downloads missing artwork, Above Lockscreen Controls, Bluetooth Controls, Bookmarking Go to the website for more info.

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