Camera MX - Photo & Video Camera

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In short

Camera MX - Photo & Video Camera is a free camera app for Android made by MAGIX. It helps to save photos.


I also use the Google camera which is awesome

I really like this camera app and found that it's best camera app now

Edit photos as well as videos

This is the best camera app I've used

My favorite camera app

By far one of the best camera apps available

Best one for Droid Ultra

Love being able to make my photos clearer

Great being able to use the SD card to save photos

Great connectivity and great picture files and folders organizer

This is not good for a camera app

The the app keeps switching back to phone storage


Easy Easy operation and clarity always have priority. Therefore Camera MX offers clear visuals and informative text wherever you need them. If something's still unclear, simply ask in our Google+ Community: Sharp Intelligent focus routines ensure sharp images – shot after shot. Retain complete control of resolution, aspect ratio and JPEG quality. Vibrant Bring your photos to life with Live Shots. Rewind time for up to 5 seconds before the recording and save perfect moments as separate photos in Shoot The Past mode. Useful Activate the display flash for your front camera, pause your video recordings, discover the rotating grid function and lots of other camera features. Correct white balance and crooked photos after the fact and trim videos quickly & losslessly.

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