Character Story Planner

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In short

Character Story Planner is a free Android phone app from lfantasia. It is suitable for characters. It is a great way to create characters.


Great concept and the is the best I've seen for a phone app

This is a great to create characters with

Overall a great app for making characters

Seamless exports to my writing software

It helped me a lot in my story making

This is by far the best writing organization app I've ever seen

The detail I get to put into character creation is perfect

Only complaint is the formating of the text boxes

Personally it's the best way to keep track of many story elements

Excellent aid for character development

People spam and it crashes the app

Both are removed and the hidden story returns as a duplicate

The ability to export is also marred by poor syntax and formatting

And this is a very annoying issue

Maybe I'm not clear on how to do it

The latest character created will not show up on the list


This app creation is intended to be used for planning character development It featured the list of detail that user need to fill for creating character story Character planner is targeted for writer which involve in creating games such as RPG maker or other engine, books, plays, etc and everyones who wants to plan to create the story from character detail background Its function for creating character by character planner chart will draft your character idea to be used in building up your character for story-based project.(Novel, drama, RPG) Function included in character planner : - Make list of character - Send your Character draft - Create your own custom character detail - Create relation between character - Group the character by series - Ask others for opinion Next Update: Content Generator Drawing Sheets Share and save Character between User from Cloud

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