ClevMoney - Personal Finance

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In short

ClevMoney - Personal Finance is a free app for Android created by Cleveni Inc. It can be recommended to friends and indian users. And this is a perfect way to manage finances.


App is great for tracking daily expenses

I use this app to track daily cash expenses only

Best app ever and I can use it to control my budget every month

Very simple and useful app for keeping expense record

Loved it very makes it very easy to manage my finances

All the best to the developers

Very nice app to maintaining your expenses and income records

Easy to understand Pie chart visualization of income and expenses

Helpful application to monitor my daily expense

The best app for a good managment of our personal finance

The fact that I cannot find my currency is a big problem for me

Good idea but poor customization


[ OVERVIEW ] • Add your incomes and expenses very easily • Managing data very quickly • In some countries, automatically input supported • Budgeting feature available for preventing waste of money • Easy to search the incomes and expenses you entered • Statistics feature is very systematic • Pie and bar charts available • Other features for the managing expense • Simple list that can be seen at a glance [ KEY FEATURES ] • Automatic input feature based on SMS and MMS • Automatic input feature based on Push messages. • Managing incomes and expenses systematically • Search feature • Budget feature ( Weekly, Monthly, Yearly ) • Statistics and chart feature ( By category, By subcategory, By payment method ) [ OTHER FEATURES ] • Google Drive backup feature. • Various currencies supported • Various themes available • Passcode locking feature • Data export feature to a CSV file [ PERMISSIONS REQUIRED ] • RECEIVE_SMS : It needs in order to parse SMS that include transaction data • RECEIVE_MMS : It needs in order to parse MMS that include transaction data

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