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In short Flashcards is a free Android flashcard app developed by Cram, LLC. This app is recommended for students. This is a good app to study cards.


Incredibly intuitive user interface

Very nice app for learning words

So nice to have all my flash cards on my phone

This is an easy way to make flash cards without wasting trees

It is easy to create your cards and it really helps memorize them

Perfect minimalistic approach to memorize words

Amazing flashcard app

Great way to study and learn with digital flash cards

I highly recommend this to all students out there

This app is a life saver

Google login is currently broken

I'm studying alevel and my hand writing is dreadful

5 password resets and 2 installs later I can't access my flashcards

It doesn't allow me to log in with my Gmail account

It was so difficult to login using Android smartphone

So I don't see why this was omitted in the mobile app

But trying to edit on my ipad the functionality is very bad

The pronunciation of Japanese romanji is not working

Every time I had to reset my password again and again

Unnecessarily complex with too many fields


Bring all the flashcard features you know and love about to your Android phone or tablet. When you log into your account the app automatically downloads your account information including: your created flashcard sets, your favorite flashcard sets and the flashcard sets you study most frequently. Why you’ll love this flashcard app: Completely free and easy to use Syncs with your account Accesses all 75,000,000+ flashcards on Works online and offline; when you’re ready to study your flashcards, so is the app Supports two study modes: Card mode and Memorize mode Create/Edit flashcards within the app About the study modes: Card mode allows you to quickly view an entire set of flashcards and repeat them as often as you like. Memorize mode automatically hides flashcards you know so you can concentrate on the ones you still need to learn. You can even enable the cram option to supercharge your studying with spaced repetition similar to the Leitner system! Get the grades you thought were impossible. Start studying for your next test with the official mobile flashcard app today!

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