Deep Sleep and Relax Hypnosis

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In short

Deep Sleep and Relax Hypnosis is a free Android quality app from Mindifi. It is suitable for other people. It is a great way to sleep night.


I can't wait to use the spa and muscle features

This is a great tool for sleeping deeply all night

Quality app that I highly recommend

This app helps me focus on breathing and relaxing before bed

The guys voice is heavenly

The narrators voice is so calm and soothing

I use this for insomnia relief

This sleep hypnosis app is awesome

This is the best free sleep app out there

Thank you for cretin somerhing that actually has me sleeping

The guys voice is creepy did not work with me at all

Who does a deep sleep hypnosis and at the end says WAKE UP

Unbelievably expensive in app purchases

Ive used this multiple times i tried 3 other apps and not one worked

I'm missing my falling back sleep apps I had too not anymore

I wouldn't have given even a single star

It asks to pay for every single session

This is not the free app

So I uninstalled the whole app

And despite this app attempting to sell 5 other packages


Do you have trouble sleeping or getting into a relaxed state? Or maybe you have a harder time staying asleep and finding that deep state of rest each and every night… If you've felt the effects of sleep deprivation, then you know that a good night's sleep is incredibly valuable and important. From the creators of the fast growing and H Mindifi series, we introduce to you our Sleep and Relaxation Hypnosis. Immerse yourself into our custom created hypnosis sessions, specifically designed to give you a meaningful and restful experience. We have created audios covering every aspect of sleep and relaxation in order to give you a personalized experience catering exactly to your needs. Mindifi brings you the most advanced and current hypnosis techniques, sound effects, music, and beautiful visuals to bring you an immersive all-encompassing experience. Use Mindifi's Deep Sleep Hypnosis app to help with insomnia, rid of anxiety, improve your focus, and use as a sleep aid through hypnotherapy and meditation. Audios in this app include: 1). Sleep like a baby- Enjoy FREE on us! 2). Deep Muscle Relaxation 3). Disarming Nightmares 4). Falling back to sleep 5). Insomnia Relief 6). Peaceful Partner 7). Power Nap 8). Snore No More 9). Stress Release 10). Virtual Mental Massage 11). Wake Up Early Enter the world of Mindifi!

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