Default Music Player

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In short

Default Music Player is a free Android music storage app from JAYAVELU V. It is a great way to make account.


I find this as a very simple and user friendly music player

Exact ah KitKat LA varra stock music player iruntha supera irukum

The most easy music storage app

I like it alot XD cant say anything more about it X P I'm loving this application is to make my account achieve

It is a good app because it plays my music finally I found

A decent easy to use app

Great app it's simple and easy to use

Its a really great app

The font support is very bad so it is difficult to find music

No way to create a custom playlist

Doesn't even have a search bar

For the people who said its boring

It's so so boring you can even search other songs you want


This is the Simple music player.user can install and listen the songs. This is open source code. *music player *songs player *mp3 player *All player

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