Deleo - Combine, Blend, and Edit Photos

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In short

Deleo - Combine, Blend, and Edit Photos is a free Android blending app developed by Sixhands Apps. This app is recommended for newbies. This is a good app to make dreamy pictures.


Google Play recommended this WINNER to me

The selection process is easy even for newbies like me

This is a very good blending tool

It makes such a great tool if you like to make a dreamy pictures

New way to make fresh social media postings app

I LOVE the fact that image resolution is not degraded

What an amazing tool this app is

Keep up the Great Work

The refining tools are solid


*** From the creators of Shapical and Crystallic, featured on Google Play in 90+ countries ***
 Deleo is a perfect union of elegant and intuitive tools that lets you create blended, superimposed, double-exposed photos, remove unwanted objects from your photos, add more details and special effects. Here's how it works — in six simple steps:

 1. Select — Start by choosing the two images you will be working with. You can also pick a solid color, or load a photo from Unsplash.
 2. Cut out — Circle the area of your foreground image that you want to keep. 3. Place — Position your foreground layer by dragging it across the screen. Pinch and rotate to adjust.
 4. Refine — Erase any areas you want removed. Use brush to undo.
 5. Adjust — Make color adjustments on the background and foreground so they blend seamlessly.
 6. Share — Save your work and share it with friends.

 Also included in Deleo is Unsplash, an industry-leading photography community with a large collection of beautiful high-resolution photos that you can use in your edits. If you want to create beautiful photos, but feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the complexity of Photoshop or other photo editors, try Deleo, a powerful yet simple tool for combining photos, used and loved by professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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