DFNDR Security: Antivirus, Anti-hacking & Cleaner

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In short

DFNDR Security: Antivirus, Anti-hacking & Cleaner is a free security app for Android made by PSafe. This is a great app for others. It helps to keep deivise safe.


Has a battery saver etc

It's easy to use and tells you exactly what to do and how to do it

This is a great Antivirus software to have on your phone

But other then that it is a great app and i recommend it to others

This is a really amazing app to keep your deivise safe

This is the best security app I've ever had

I am happy to use this app

It does a fantastic job of keeping my phone protected

This is a fantastic tool to use

Thanks so much for making a simple and effective app


There is too many ads and it always wants me to install more apps

I highly advise not to download this pathetic app

Deletes junk filter s increasing memory

Company is forcing you to keep app

You have lied to other users

Is light grey not black wording and it wont let me do ANYTHING


It went to the previous page and said issues ignored

Horrible app I hate this


Install the best free antivirus today and get the most out of your Android. DFNDR is your social guardian for protection. Our app offers the best in mobile security that will remove spyware while boosting your device for the best battery percentage. Clear cache and other unnecessary files to help improve memory with our Android cleaner. You will no longer have to search “locate my phone” with DFNDR’s phone tracker. Your phone will feel brand new with DFNDR. Antivirus & Antitheft – Stay Secured Keep your Android safe and secured with DFNDR’s free antivirus security. Scan for viruses, remove malware, and maintain your privacy with our mobile security system. Take advantage of our spyware removal feature and keep your phone in the best possible condition. Utilize Quick AV, Full AV Scan and Wifi Check. We currently block over 2 million cyber attacks daily. Log into our online mobile tracker, and use our Anti-theft security service to find your phone. Defense of privacy Manage functions like Anti-theft, Vault and Hidden Gallery all in one app where you have the ability to manage your data and keep it away from thieves. Battery Saver & Phone Booster – The Need for Speed Use your battery charger less with our newest Total Charge feature for a fast charge. Total Charge will also monitor the battery percentage, and notify you once your Android is fully charged to prevent overcharging the battery. Free up RAM and ensure that your battery usage stays low. Don’t let apps that run in the background heat up your CPU, and drain your phone’s battery percentage. Clear Your Cache & Junk Files – Keep it Clean The simple answer to keeping a clean phone. Mobile devices tend to store junk files, so why not use DFNDR to clean them up. With 1 click, clear cache files and all junk files slowing your phone down. Additional security features to guard your Android Intruder Selfie – take a picture of your phone’s thief. Energy Menu Deactivation – prevent intruders from powering down the device when a screen block is present WhatsApp Cleaner – clean your WhatsApp media, GIFs and audio files with one simple click with the ability to filter by time period. DFNDR will improve performance and make you feel as if your phone is brand new. Boost your battery life, clean your junk files, and utilize our antivirus and antitheft features - make the most out of your Android.

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