Doonglle - Meet New People

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In short

Doonglle - Meet New People is a free Android app from It is a great way to meet people.


Great for meeting people and experiencing other cultures

I love getting to know people from around the world

This is a really lovely app

Thank you for fixing the bugs its much better now I LOVE IT

It's easy to use and there seem to be a lot of nice people here

It has a very nice platform

Why I should pay to verify my acc

It takes to long to review your account and you can't do anything

I can't even post a story to share to everyone

The new update made it so slow it's practically useless now

It says that I need to pay in order to verify my account

App crashes everytime

It doesn't let me open Aviary to edit it

My account is suspended and there is pretty much nothing I can do

It says it's the wrong login Id

And to top it off I CAN'T LOG IN NOW


Our app name has changed from ePenpal to Doonglle. Find Foreign & Global Friends, Chat on Map, Pen pals(penpal), Snail Mail friends. Experience new cultures, languages. Exchange your language, find your language exchange partners. Meet, Share, and Chat with people all around the world. Check online users on the map, and chat real-time Find your matches based on your profile information and location Share your stories to let others know who you are. Write a random letter online by simply choosing country and gender. Send a real hand written letter(Snail Mail) by simply requesting their physical addresses. Find people by Simply choosing cities on the map before you go on a trip Translate text into your language realtime Download the best app for finding new people all around the world.

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