Dragons of Atlantis

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In short

Dragons of Atlantis is a free war game for Android created by Kabam.


But awesome strategy game

Overall rating LOVE IT

Hey I just got a really good tablet android 6

But i think you shouldn't hurt the troops when you get Dragon armor

It's a great war game

I'd really enjoy it on my tablet easier to see what's going on

But nevertheless its still a good game

This is an amazing mobile version of it and I like it too

Good game that could be better

Like have special ability or special in some field

The tech support makes GAEA look like it's a scam

Keep saying network issue or time out

I'm sorry but this is not for me try to make the game more fun

Since the most recent update I was not able to access my account

I tried reinstalling the game but nothing changed

Logged back in to find beginners city instead if my own big city

Resource problem since Gaea took over and Gaea is allowing hackers

Customer service is pure trash

Poor customer service

Don't send me the contact support automated message because we have


Raise and train a legendary army of Dragons as you build an epic Kingdom to rule the skies of Atlantis! Battle against millions of players online and conquer the ancient realm of Atlantis! Feed, train, and control fully animated 3D Dragons Dominate the leaderboards in Head-to-Head Dragon Battles! Join millions of players as you rebuild lost glories in Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon! The Dragons are dying and it's up to you to rebuild ruined cities, rediscover ancient wisdom, and save the Dragons of Atlantis! Join us now to experience: 3D DRAGONS IN HD ENVIRONMENTS Raise and train powerful Dragons in fully interactive environments DRAGON EVOLUTION Customize your Dragon and unleash special abilities through the ancient secrets of evolution HEAD-TO-HEAD DRAGON BATTLES Prepare for Dragon vs. Dragon combat in brand NEW battle arenas! ALLIANCES FORGED WITH OTHER PLAYERS Plan strategy in real-time with millions of players to defeat opposing forces A CAMPAIGN MAP RIPE FOR CONQUERING Re-claim Atlantis from the savage Anthropus in the mystical realm of epic quests (Dragons web players: This game does not connect to your web kingdom - it's an all-new mobile game.) For news and updates, follow @DoAMobile on Twitter Like us on Facebook: ******************************** By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the License Agreement. ********************************

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