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Drug Pronunciations is a study app for Android made by Hipposoft.


The perfect study tool for any medical student or chemist assistant

I am a pharmacy technician student and it's very helpful

Too many drugs not in database


**Drug Pronunciations: Over 2500+ drug pronunciations at your fingertips!!** ---------------------------------------------------- “Medical Drug Pronunciations” is a simple application that will play back audio of the correct pronunciations of over 2500 drugs used in medicine today (which includes the top 200 drugs) First impressions are everything, and nothing screams out inexperience and incompetence like butchering the pronunciation of drugs! Be confident when pronouncing drugs by knowing how to pronounce them properly beforehand. Physicians, pharmacists, medical students, nursing students, physician assistants, medical techs, pre-med students, foreign health professionals… Virtually anyone in, or interested in the health professional field will benefit from our application! ---------------------------------------------------- HIGHLIGHTS: -Accurate audio pronunciations of 2500+ drugs including both generic and trade names (verified by physicians and pharmacists). -Simple, easy to use, intuitive interface. -Internet access is NOT necessary to listen to the pronunciations! -Continuous FREE updates for new drugs and user suggested drugs. -Integrated web browser with direct links to wikipedia and google for additional drug information ---------------------------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Browse the selection or enter the drug of interest in the search field to narrow your list. 2. Select your drug and press PLAY. It’s that simple! 3. To listen again press “Back” and select your drug again. 4. For additional drug information, select the “Google” or “Wikipedia” buttons to open an integrated browser. 5. If your drug is not listed, submit the word through the provided submission page and we promise to include it in future updates! ---------------------------------------------------- OUR PROMISE OF QUALITY We always strive to deliver the highest quality products and although we are very confident in the accuracy of our pronunciations, everyone makes mistakes! If you find a drug pronunciation that you disagree with, please let us know via email (contactus@hipposoftonline.com) and we’ll be happy to look into it. Thank you!

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