DSC Security Server

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In short

DSC Security Server is an Android app from MikeP. It is a great way to trigger garage relay.


Best tech support too

Works awesome to trigger garage relay with one touch

Great customer support from the maker

Tablet keypads are the best

Mike responded quickly and helped me set it up

This is an awesome app

Great program for the money

Feels like the app works on a 'happy path' some of the time

Errors messages occur regularly


This server works a proxy for the Envisalink 2DS/3DS/EVL4 card and will allow you to, among other things, self monitor your alarm system and allows your phone to work as part of your home monitoring and home automation system. You can remotely access your alarm system from anywhere your phone can access the internet. The DscServer runs on a dedicated, always on, always connected android phone or tablet running within your network. Using it, multiple instances of the DscKeypad App and DscKeypad widgets (included) or other similar applications (such as Mi Casa Verde Vera or other automation products) may connect simultaneously using the "fan-out"capability provided. The DscServer appears to any client as a faster version of the Envisalink card itself with some additional capabilities (e.g. zone and partition labels). The server requirements are very modest, I use an old LG phone to run my entire home automation system. Suitable new android phones are available for $10-$20. This simple automation extension can rival the more expensive services like Rogers Smart Home Monitoring and Time Warner's IntelligentHome. You can run the DscServer on a PC or any other OS supporting java. Use the enhanced DscKeypad included in this app to unlock the extra features included in the android or java version of the DscServer such as remote access. logging, and custom command widgets. This is a sophisticated server with many capabilities and requires some expertise to configure. I am happy to assist as needed. I do offer a full refund if you're unable to get it to work in your environment or are not satisfied in any way. Features: o NEW: Google Home, Amazon Echo voice support with full IFTTT integration o multiple simultaneous connected clients (fan-out) to the Envisalink o system status cached and trimmed to active zones/partitions to reduce network and client load o secure/encrypted remote client connections o logging - full log, and a motion zone filtered log for readability, persistent logging to Google Drive o Secure, encrypted remote access using your phone or a web browser o direct connection providing immediate security system status o a centralized location for customizing your system such as zone and partition labels. o reduced network load and better keypad app performance o self monitoring with immediate email or SMS notifications: - alarms and trouble - configurable zone opening/restore - loss of connection with the Envisalink card - phone/tablet power loss (will continue on battery) - phone/tablet low battery warning - phone/tablet connectivity loss - midnight status check-in (to confirm connectivity daily) - use security events to trigger actions such as posting a web site (e.g. to turn video recording or motion detecting on/off, changing the temperature in a wifi thermostat, turning), send an android intent to other android apps (e.g. my Wemo app to control your lights), etc. - and much more... o customizable content for eMail, SMS, UDP messages o enables home automation - send the DSC application commands using android intents o On screen widgets for submitting custom commands (locally or remotely) o NFC support to send custom commands, including arm/disarm, etc. SMS messages can notify you of alarms or trouble even if the internet connection to your alarm system is cut or if your personal phone is not currently attached to the internet. This app (only) works with an Envisalink 2DS/3DS card connected to a DSC Power System Panel and LAN wired into your switch or router. Use of the EYEZ-ON service is also highly recommended but is not required. Remember, DO NOT expose your Envisalink IP connection to an unprotected network; communication provided by the card is not secure. Expose (port forward) the secure port (only) to outside your secure network (after registering the clients you will allow).

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