DSLR Camera Pro

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In short

DSLR Camera Pro is a learning app for Android made by Geeky Devs Studio. It helps to learn dslr abilities.


Great learning tool and camera app

Much better than a stock app

As of now this is the best mobile camera app i have used

Easy app to use with great ease for learning those dslr abilities

Easy to use and lots of good features

Simply best replacement for stock

Keep up the great updates too

Simply excellent options to use the camera to its full potential

And this is an awesome app

Thanks for making this

Exposure compensation does not work on the Nexus 6 P Since i updated android to v After i take a photo its not sync automatic to my google photo

Lots of missing fetures and when trying to refund givesvan error

The color tone is not natural and the focus is the worst

Screen is Rotating on the Wrong Side

The picture quality sucks

No ISO control in my Nexus 6

The pics date are falling back to 1970

Not updated to new Camera API

No ISO control on NEXUS 6

I'm unable to use flash without a terrible lag that ruins the photo


DSLR Camera Pro is a professional camera app designed to mimic a DSLR as good as possible. It's ergonomic, powerfull & easy to use - most settings can be reached in just one tap. No fancy filters, photo frames etc. Just pure photography - that's our motto. Here are the major features that you get: • two-state shutter button - press to focus, release to take a shot • moveable viewfinder - to set focus-area anywhere you want • live histogram • exposure compensation • geotagging • flash mode - auto, on, off, torch • light metering mode - matrix, center-weighted, spot • autofocus mode - single, continuous, face-detection etc. • white balance • ISO • drive mode: single, burst, timer etc. • scenes - portrait, landscape etc. • color effects • grids: rule of thirds, golden ratio etc. • volume keys as shutter buttons • front-facing camera support Please note that many features are hardware-dependent. This means they won't be available for you if your device doesn't support them.

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