Dungeon Boss – Strategy RPG

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In short

Dungeon Boss – Strategy RPG is a free Android app developed by Big Fish Games. This is a good app to play as rpg.


The game is very cool to play as an RPG

And a good team setup is just SO satisfying

So far I like the game great for passing time

Great job development team

I love it it is good for these reasons gold

A fun way to spend your spare time

Excellent gameplay and fun graphics

My favorite game at the moment

This is a really addictive game

This game is pure genius

Bullshit amount of storage and is a waste of space

Hey came back to the game after a bit to find all my progress erased

While it was downloading it said failed internet connection

PvP matchmaking is broken

The leprechaun o'tsume is way too overpowered

Then becomes a choice between a tedious grind or a money pit


The game sucks now that they changed the characters and the game play

Too many unhappy people

I have other games so wtf


Join millions of players worldwide and battle to be the Boss in this fun and challenging strategy RPG! Build a rich roster of heroes, upgrade their unique abilities, and charge your teams against other players to become the Legend in PvP Seasons Tournaments! “We can’t stop playing; it has us hooked!” – IGN Game Reviews “a Triple-A-Quality title!” – VentureBeat “a simple but fun bite sized slice of RPGing.”-148Apps Get ready to unlock more than 70 heroes and craft thousands of runes! Guard your dungeon against other players with custom hero defense teams, and raid the dungeons of your friends and foes to steal their gold in turn based PVP battles. Explore multiple game modes and take your hero teams to battle in campaigns against fierce enemy bosses in this gripping adventure RPG! It’s good to be the Boss! KEY FEATURES: COLLECT HEROES – Build custom teams from over 70 diverse heroes and counting. Summon a horde of goblin warriors, ninja assassins, majestic knights, and mythical beasts through strategic gameplay. UPGRADE YOUR HEROES – Journey through an Epic quest to unlock each hero’s Epic ability! You’ll need to train your heroes in battle to level up their star power and Ascend them to unlock new skills! Upgrade your gear by equipping Runes and crafting Epics that can double hero power! There are over 3,000 unique Runes to buff up stats for all your heroes. Customize your look with unique skins. BATTLE IN GUILD EVENTS – Band together with your allies to compete against other guilds and amass a greater bounty together! Expand your hero team by making friends in the game. Summon their strongest champion in battle to get your team out of a jam and take that boss down! CRUSH ENEMIES IN PVP – Battle players in PvP Seasons competitive tournaments to climb the Ladder through 18 League Tiers! Fortify your dungeon’s defense against attacks from other players. Raid their dungeons for extra loot and to move up the leaderboard for greater PvP rewards. Get sweet Revenge directly against other players who attack your dungeon. Plus, learn from other players’ strategies by watching battle Replays in My Dungeon. EXPLORE MANY BATTLEGROUNDS – Fight your way through a vast map of dungeons and take enemy bosses down! Lead your team to victory by strategically assembling heroes to defeat minions and bosses with unique attacks. Test your skills in the Tower of Pwnage, Challenge Mode, and if you dare, Boss Mode! REAP REWARDS FROM QUESTS & EVENTS – Participate in daily campaign quests and new challenging events every week. Qualify for special tournament rewards when you earn top-tier status in ongoing events! ENJOY BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS – Experience epic battles and tactical combat in stunning lands with immersive 3D art! **Discover more from Dungeon Boss!** Discuss strategies on the Forum: Follow @dungeonbossgame on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and game updates! Subscribe to our YouTube channel: If you like this game, please consider taking a moment to rate/review it. Experiencing issues? Please visit More from Big Fish Games:

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