Emoji Keyboard - Color Emoji

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In short

Emoji Keyboard - Color Emoji is a free emoji keyboard app for Android created by Best Apps Developers. It can be recommended to emoticons lovers.


Great App Excellent emoji keyboard app with a great user interface

Best Emoji Smart Keyboard for Emoticons lovers

This gives you amazing good quality videos

Thanks for the color emojis is nice enjoy a chatting with frndss

This is a good time killer

Love it and it's fun hiding from my wife in the bathroom

Great way to pass a few minutes here and there

I would recommend this to everyone good job

I still have the basic Android emojis this app sucked

This is why I hate updating app

Used to be an awesome app but now it sucks again

Didn't give me apple emojis tf

Everything still looked the same that's a big nono

Waste of your time people

Too much ads and no update in emojis

Thres also WAY too many ads


Emoji Keyboard - Color Emoji, Best Emoji Smart Keyboard for Emoticons lovers. Free download application and enjoy fun to share your feelings with your social groups and your friend. Ads Free Color Emoji Keyboard Application. NEW FEATURES: • Ads free Emoji Android L Keyboard application. • Latest huge collection of color emoji, emoticons, and smileys support everywhere. • Quickly used and share emoji through social sites. • Help you write better and funnier text messages and emoji. • Full, Thumb and Compact layouts. • Easily Input various kind of smiley and emoticons. • Share emoticons on text with your friends and groups. • Support the English normal keyboard and symbol keyboard. HOW TO ENABLE Emoji Keyboard - Color Emoji Step1: Press “Enable Input” and select “Emoji Keyboard - Color Emoji” Step2: Press “Select Keyboard” set “Emoji Keyboard - Color Emoji” About collect data alert: - It will not collect any personal data info. All keyboard android application will popup this alert. It is alert rule from google for keyboard apps. Enjoy Unlimited FUN with Emoji Smart Color Keyboard....

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