Emoji The Guess

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In short

Emoji The Guess is a free trivia game for Android made by Random Logic Games, LLC. This is a great app for people.


It's a great time passer and is very addicting and it's very fun too

Plus its a good time passer

I recommend this game to anyone who likes brain teasers

I love this it helps my sons autism he can talk a little

It's like a fun trivia game

I reccomend it to people who are bored often

It's so awesome I can't stop playing it

Keep up the great work

It is really fun good job

It's a brilliant game at the same time it is a bit challenging

On the black Friday level I can't get past it


The long-awaited sequel to the ONE AND ONLY Guess The Emoji! is finally here! In Guess The Emoji! you have to guess what the word the emoji puzzle is trying to portray. This time you make the puzzles! Solve the word given by choosing the emojis that the word you are seeing describe. Our kid and family friendly game tests your logic and reasoning skills to solve simple (and sometimes hard!) Emoji puzzles! Are you stuck on a hard Word?? Do not fear, hints are here to save the day! Expose An Emoji - Using this hint will reveal a random emoji in the puzzle. Use this hint when you need an extra nudge to guess the icon on a hard question! Remove Emoji - This hint removes emoji from the board which are NOT USED in the emoji puzzle game. Use it if you are having trouble deciding between a few emoji! Solve It! - This hint will completely solve the word question for you! Use it if you're totally stuck! We hope you game the enjoy! Please rate! Emojis by EmojiOne

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