EQ & Bass Booster- Metal style

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In short

EQ & Bass Booster- Metal style is a free Android app from Coocent, Inc.


It's perfect and custom settings in addition to visual presets

Makes me listen to my music so good giving the best experience

And on my ear buds sound wonderful

Great song adjustment

The music equiliser is awesome gives a good sond and loud

Best equalizer for Android available

It's the best app i've seen so far

Keep up the good work

It's a good improvement on the sound you got to check it out


The Metal Style Version of the Equalizer & Bass Booster. Improve the sound quality of your android device with the global Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Equalizer. Let your device's voice sounds more comfortable. Lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out of your Music or Audio coming out of your device. Use with headphones for a best results. Features: * Bass Boost effect * Virtualizer effect * Five bands Equalizer * 10 Equalizer presets * Media volume control * 4 kinds of Spectrum * Stereo led VU meter Works with most Video and Music players. Installation and usage: 1. Effect On Music Or Audio * Run your Music player and play your music * Run the Equalizer & Bass Booster app then adjust sound level and frequency * Put on headphones for a best results *If you want to close the application and revmove from the Status Bar, Just long press application close button. 2. Effect On Video * Just like effect on Music or Audio, adjust the sound level and frequency, then, let it run in background. * Run your Video player and play your video * You must get a good effect sound results for video

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