Family Medical Info

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In short

Family Medical Info is a phone app for Android made by Appventive. It helps to list previous surgeries.


The pc app makes adding info super easy to the phone app

It's a great app but it needs a section to list previous surgeries

A couple things need tweaking but I really like it

Great for keeping all of the family medical information handy

Would provide excellent identification

Keeps excellent records as we move from doctor to doctor

This is one of the best apps anyone could have created

Love the fact that I have everyone medical info in one place

This is the best app I have ever used

Good for keeping track of my medical information

There is no excuse for lack of quality control


Family Medical Info Stores medical info for the entire family for use in emergencies, doctor visits, filling out school & camp forms for the kids, etc. *** Optionally share some or all family info with our companion app “ICE: In Case of Emergency” to make the info available even when the phone is locked. *** For each family member you can enter as much or as little info as you like for the following categories: + Personal info (photo, date of birth, height, weight, blood type) + Allergies + Conditions (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc) + Medications (including optional Rx numbers) + Insurance policies (you can call your insurance company directly from the app) + Doctors (you can call doctors directly from the app) + Medical History (e.g., surgeries, hospitalizations) + Vaccinations + Notes w/attachments (any other info you want, including attached images of insurance cards, test results, etc.) Optionally email some or all information to your doctor or others. Note: if you already use ICE: In Case of Emergency then you can import your ICE profile into Family Medical Info. Optionally export profiles for use on other devices, or to save an off-device backup. Exported profiles can also be used by ICE. *** NEW: optionally use the (FREE) web version of Family Medical Info to create & edit profiles on your computer. From Google Chrome on your computer, go to http://goo.gl/N80BQ to install the web app (currently, this only works with the Chrome browser). Or, just search for Appventive in the Chrome Web Store. Profiles created with the web version of FMI can be imported into either FMI or ICE. *** If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, PLEASE email us at support@appventive.com

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