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In short

FamilyWall is a free cozi app for Android created by family & Co. It can be recommended to families. And this is a perfect way to keep family.


Great app to keep an electroni family calendar and share information

Great way for families to share things like bill due dates

And more versatile calendar repeat options

We love using family wall

Great family communication tool

Great to share everything in private with my family

A great way to keep in touch with our family that's all over the USA

It's great for family sharing

Use it all the time to keep my family organized

Upgrading versions are also nice

It doesn't allow you to cancel premium

This app change contact names which is disgusting


FamilyWall is the easiest way to share all that matters securely and privately with your family. It's totally free, and it works on most of the smartphones iPhone, Android, Windows... With FamilyWall, you can easily catch up with your family, know where they are, send messages to one or many family members, organize family event or just share important contacts like the babysitters, coach.... At FamilyWall, we believe in simplicity and we think that your private life… must stay private. We also realized that sometimes it’s important for you to know where your loved ones are and just be simply reassured. * REAL-TIME LOCATION: you can now see in real time where your family and friends are on a private map, just in a tap * PLACES ALERTS: set up automatic alerts when your loved ones reach or leave favorite safe spots * SOS BUTTON: (just in case) tap on the SOS Alert button and send an alert with your location to your Circle members. FEATURES On the Wall, you can browse all activities and interactions among family members. All posts (messages, locations, photo uploads, Events and contatcs) are logged sorted by date through a time-lined representation. Family Calendar and Lists A shared calendar managed right from your phone. Add an appointment so everyone in the family can see it and no one misses the soccer practice or other important event. You can also create Lists and To-dos and assign them to other members. Be notified, when a task is completed by one member. Family Locator Members can look on a map at the real-time location or the last Check-in sent by each member. Each member can easily manage to whom he wants to share his location. Family Conversation Using Messaging, a member can directly post a short message to the family members who will be directly notified. Each member will be able to browse the conversation using a thread view and easily participate to the conversation. Family Gallery Share among your family and friends your best moments. The Gallery allows you to share photos, Videos in a simple way. Family Contacts The Family directory allow to rapidly find a useful contact of the family. Any member can add a contact with its details (e.g. Babysitter, grand parents…). At any time, you can subscribe to the Premium for a given Family Circle and enjoy the following benefits: - Real time location of the Circle members - Safe Zone notifications when arriving or exiting Family places - Instant SOS alerts - 10 GB Storage capacity for all the family to store more important moments - Save your best moment in High Definition with HD Photo. - Attach Audio and video Message to your conversation. The Premium is associated to one family Circle and you can upgrade separately different circles if necessary. We LOVE feedback. Please send improvement requests, must-have features, or suggestions to You can also find us on Twitter (@familywall) Enjoy! FamilyWall Team

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