FNAF Songs 1234

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In short

FNAF Songs 1234 is a free Android app from Freednic Music Studio.


Fav is break my mind funniest is the one with markiplier

This is cool it has the lyrics on it and it plays the FNAF songs

This is the best app I've had for music so far

Three Has ALL my Favorite FNAF Songs

I love the request system

But thank you so much very good app

LOVED IT SO MUCH My favorite songs are in here'hide behind the mask

JT Machinima and other YouTubers are here

OMG I love this so much please make a Melanie Martinez one

Join us for a bite Is my favorite song in the world

So such a dush itt doesn't even work it only move side by side

It doesnt work it stays on the ''i love music screen'' plz fix it

It does not play music or any thing it's just a white screen

Noooooooooo there's no I got no time AND NONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS

It said on phone and tablet that it was a incapable divide

It was the stupidest thing ever


FNAF songs is an application that provides all the music FNAF. Besides song lyrics available that can be used to sing. FNAF songs you like the most? Note: FNAF songs does not have the download function for copyright reasons. This application is made by a fan and have nothing to do with the artist and all copyrights.

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