Food Planner

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In short

Food Planner is a free goto recipe app for Android created by MiniMobile. And this is a perfect way to upload recipes.


Great app to create both a grocery shopping list and weekly menu

Tech support was very responsive and it was regularly maintained

Planning meals and making grocery lists

Helps me shop like a ninja

Good app to keep track of weekly food plan and associated groceries

I love the recipe import

Makes grocery shopping very easy

An essential tool in my home management

Group management works quite well for us now

Very easy to upload recipes from all over the web

Do not install and definitely do not pay for PRO version

Can't get this app to sync between my devices

Online account and sync broken

App doesn't work and should be pulled from Play Store

We have been getting failure to sync error

I used this app for a while but suddenly it stopped syncing my data

Account doesn't work with Facebook login or email login

I keep getting error messages

It will not sync with my other devices

Kept getting error message


Keep an integrated meal plan, grocery list, inventory and recipe collection that can sync to the cloud across multiple platforms! Available for iOS, Android, Amazon and Online! Food Planner allows you to quickly plan your daily meals using a selection of recipes downloaded from all of your favorite cooking blogs and recipe sites. Easily plan breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks or more! Edit grocery lists and recipes, modify meals plans, check inventory and watch everything instantly sync across all your devices and even the web in near real time . Now one person can do the planning and the other can do the shopping! Use your own recipes or import new ones free from our massive list of supported sites in 8 different languages. Recipes can be sorted with tags, quickly allowing you to search and find the meals you need. Open and edit your recipes and plans online in your web browser and avoid having to enter too much data on your small mobile screen. You can also choose to save time by downloading one of our free and paid meal plans via the Food Planner Store! We have a wide variety of popular diets and special occasions to choose from! Make grocery shopping a breeze by simply selecting which days you are shopping for and instantly having all your items in a user friendly check list, ready to be synchronized with any other device. Create multiple lists, categories, inventory, pricing and more! The primary goal of Food Planner is to make it quick and easy to use, while also including more advanced features you'll come to appreciate once you become more familiar with the app. Download it today FREE and You will see why over 500,000 people are using Food Planner to get organized, save time, and SAVE MONEY! Here are some of the popular features: * Import/manage recipes from all your favorite recipes sites * Easily create and sync grocery lists * Instantly sync your meal plans and groceries to other devices and the web! * Manage Inventory * Add your own photos to recipes * Save daily and weekly meal plans for later use * Easily backup all your data online * Supported on iOS, Android, Amazon and Online! Upgrade to PRO and support the development of this app! Going pro gets you: * Priority Support - We answer your inquiries first * Ad free environment - No ads on your device or Web App!!! * Free perks for PRO users * A good feeling that your supporting this fine app!

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