Fooducate Healthy Weight Loss & Calorie Counter

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In short

Fooducate Healthy Weight Loss & Calorie Counter is a free Android food app developed by Fooducate, Ltd. This is a good app to track food intake.


Love not having to write good journals and add my stuff up myself

Great app to keep u on track

This is a great way to track food intake

This app is very helpful info to use while food shopping

Detailed and easy to use health app

Nice community and an amazing way to track your calories

Excellent tracking tool

I love the ability to track food intake as well as exercise

Great way to track everything and even better community

Great resource for food education and alternative options

This app is suspicious because it asks for your zip code


Fooducate is a food coach that goes way beyond a simple calorie counter. Achieve your weight loss, health, and fitness goals by learning to eat REAL food. The Fooducate diet app is like a nutritionist in your pocket, advising you how healthy foods are based on their nutrients AND ingredients. Fooducate is the ONLY app that helps you lose weight by showing you how to eat right. Change your diet, eat REAL food, track your progress, and get motivated by the most supportive community in the world. THE BEST NUTRITION APP • Featured multiple times on the Google Play store • 1st prize - US Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge • Media praises from print, tv, and web outlets YOUR HEALTHY DIET PARTNER + Track your food and exercise + Track the quality of calories, not just quantity + Over 250,000 UNIQUE products are graded just for you (A, B, C, or D) + Track your own foods and recipes + Get recommendations for healthy foods based on what you currently eat + Get answers and motivation from the community + Share your tips and success to motivate others LEARN TO EAT FOR HEALTH! Fooducate analyzes information found in product nutrition panels and ingredient lists. Scan a product barcode to discover things manufacturers don't want you to notice: - added sugars vs natural sugars - trans fats tricks - high fructose corn syrup - MSG and its cousins - controversial food colorings - GMO - genetical modified organisms (premium feature) - dangerous additives and preservatives - artificial sweeteners such as aspartame - and more... PERSONALIZED FOR YOU - age, gender,weight, height, activity level - desired weight loss rate - carb control - health conditions (low cholesterol, pregnancy,...) - dietary goals (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, non GMO) - Gluten free and other allergens - lactose, shellfish, eggs, etc. (Note: some personalization features require upgrade to a premium account) IN-APP PURCHASES Get the most out of Fooducate with these premium features: * Pro —> Low-carb diet, Paleo Diet, GMO alerts, ad-free, priority support, and more... * Gluten & Allergies —> Includes gluten, milk, lactose, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish * Diet Kickstart —> 10 day plan to help you get started with weight loss * Pets —> choose the healthiest food for your dog and cat

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