Getaround - Instant Car Rental

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In short

Getaround - Instant Car Rental is a free app for Android created by Getaround. And this is a perfect way to find variety.


This is the best interface with available vehicles and users

I have always found Getaround support accessible and communicative

You can get your dream cars to drive at an affordable price

And was amazed to find the variety and quality of vehicles available

Good customer service

But I found it worth it to write this review

I love the prices and car selection

But customer service is really good

And the customer service is great

Easy to search and find great rides

Verification process and customer service are

Bad user experience and really frustrating

This app is a scam to get your Facebook information

App is woefully inadequate for the service Getaround provides

Nonfunctional Garbage

Service is pretty much a knock off of Turo with no coverage area

Garbage customer service

App shows inconsistent search results and has a bad UI

Congratulations on banning a repeat customer

Wonderful idea but the prices are absolutely ridiculous


Getaround is car rental on-demand – rent a car with no paperwork, no waiting, and no hassle. With Getaround, you can rent 1000's of cars from a Toyota to a BMW, to a Tesla and unlock them all with your phone. It’s free to download, sign up is easy and there are no monthly fees. We even offer peace of mind with insurance included on every trip. Convenient hourly rentals start at only $5 and you’ll find awesome daily rates for spontaneous road trips. Car sharing with Getaround offers more choice, flexibility and freedom than any other car rental service and helps the environment by optimizing local cars instead of adding more to our roads. Basically, it’s rental cars done right. Download your key to cars in the city and hit the road with a tap of your phone. PRESS "The Airbnb for cars."-TechCrunch “It's just as seamless as Zipcar.” -Business Insider “The app that lets you rent a stranger's car.” -Washington Post “Talk about getting the bang for your buck!” -Huffington Post “Beyond just cool—[it] will help make the entire automotive industry better.” -Fortune “Getaround will make every car a rental car.” -Fast Company “Could Getaround be the next Uber?” -Monster CITIES (more launching soon) San Francisco, CA Oakland, CA Berkeley, CA Portland, OR Chicago, IL Evanston, IL Washington, D.C. Arlington, VA Alexandria, VA Bethesda, MD Silver Spring, MD

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