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In short

GizmoHub is a free Android app developed by Verizon - VZ. This is a good app to keep in touch.


We love all of the security features and the tracking ability too

Great way to keep track and communicate with them both

Perfect for my 8yo to have a little independence

Absolutely love the gizmo gadget

Great product with great app

Great way to keep in touch with my child

But it is really useful tool to keep in touch with him

Love this tool and the gizmo series

Great way to stay in touch with my 9 year old

They have resolved the traffic issues and it's working great

It does not allow maintaining the todo items

Unable to connect to my children's devices

Would not rely on it for emergency use

Wont update change in contacts

There is no data so unsupervised Internet access is not a problem

The gps tracking sucks

Only problem is the step counter is waaaayyyy off

And the app is very buggy

Way too many notifications

I can't get past step 14 on setting this watch up


The GizmoHub app lets you call, find and control your GizmoPal and GizmoGadget wearables for children. You’ll need to download and install this app on your phone to setup one or more gizmos. Once they are set up, you can use the app to: -Talk with your child You can call your child’s gizmo at any time and your child can use the gizmo to call you. -Find your child You can check the location of your child’s gizmo with one tap anytime, from anywhere you are. You can also schedule a time for your gizmo to automatically check your child’s location or set GPS boundaries and get notifications if your child crosses them. -Add other contacts and caregivers You can add other contacts and caregivers, who can also call the gizmo and receive calls. The number of contacts and caregivers will vary depending on the type of gizmo you have. Caregivers can also use the GizmoHub app to find your gizmo. -Send Messages to your GizmoGadget If you have a GizmoGadget, you can also use the GizmoHub app to send short text messages to your child’s GizmoGadget. Your child can also send emojis, voice recordings, and pre-set text messages to you through the GizmoHub app. -Manage your child’s gizmo You can use the GizmoHub app to change settings on your gizmo like the volume, ringtones, and fun sounds. You can also check your gizmo’s battery level and turn it off. - Keep your child’s information safe You can protect this app by adding a PIN. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, your child’s information will remain protected. Download this app and follow the onscreen instructions to get started!

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