Golden Thread Tarot

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In short

Golden Thread Tarot is a free Android tarot card app from Labyrinthos Academy. It is suitable for new learners and new readers. It is a great way to understand for newbie.


Very good Tarot app if your new to it or want to do digital readings

Love being able to quickly do a daily draw

This is a great app to gain some tarot knowledge and learn the cards

It's really nice when you're first learning how to read tarot cards

But it is by far the best tarot card app I've found

The interface of this tarot app is wonderful

This is an excellent app for showing people what tarot is about

Easy to use especially for someone who has never used tarot cards

Beautifully done tarot app

Best tarot app by far

And now it's stuck on the stupid intro screens

It says to get more idek im confused

But no it's bull crap

Only shows a plain white screen

Deleting readings only deletes the bottom entry

Used to work great but now all I get is a white screen


Golden Thread Tarot is a modern approach to an ancient tradition. Our belief is that tarot is not about revealing a fixed future, but giving you access to the self knowledge you need to make better decisions. Features: 0. Your Mirror - as you save and store readings in your log, we build up data about you and your cards, making it easy for you to find patterns where they were once hidden. 1. Tarot Database - sortable and searchable database of cards, giving you details on meanings, keywords, suits and number. 2. Guided Readings - use either digital cards or physical cards to ask and reflect on your questions. 3. Log Your Readings - save and store not only your cards, but how you felt about them. Build a database of your thoughts and feelings and see yourself reflected back at you. 4. Illustrated Lessons - make learning the underlying foundation of tarot simple.

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