Hangouts Dialer - Call Phones

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In short

Hangouts Dialer - Call Phones is a free app for Android created by Google LLC. And this is a perfect way to use google services.


So that it works seamlessly with Wear and Google Now

I love using the Google services

Great work as usual Google

Very simple and very good quality calls

I truly enjoy using this app

But I would love to customize the ringtones for incoming calls

The call quality is outstanding and there is no delay

This app is great for when you don't have any bars to make a call

I think this is the best app in the whole world

My only problem is that on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Can Not search Existing text messages easy like Google Voice

They're forcing everybody onto the Google Voice app without notice

Tried contacting Google but they don't even respond

You can't use Google Wallet for it

Unable to send pictures in sms to other people

Told us to use the pay phone and call Delta

Nowhere near as good as the phone app already on my device

Audio quality is very poor when I dial out from UK to people abroad

Now it won't notify me of new messages until I open the app

This app just wastes space


Now call any phone number in the world from your Hangouts app without using your cell plan minutes. Most calls to US and Canada are free! Download and install the Hangouts Dialer to start making phone calls in the Hangouts app. After installation, you can access all voice calling features directly from Hangouts or use Hangouts Dialer as a shortcut to make phone calls from the dialer screen in Hangouts. Make phone calls over data from the Hangouts app - call any phone number, including landlines. Use Outbound Caller ID - people who you call will see your verified number when you call them (no more appearing as Unknown!) Connect with your Google Voice number to make VOIP calls in the Hangouts app from your Google Voice number. Notes: Mobile carrier and ISP charges may apply for data use. Voice calls to Hangouts users are free, but other phone calls might come with a charge. View our calling rates at

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