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Hotspot VPN - Free, Fast, and Secure! is a free vpn app for Android made by Hotspot VPN.


This is the ONLY vpn app that's actually free and really works

This is very extremely awesome app

Thanks and grateful for your hard work


Hotspot VPN is the best free VPN solution for Android that block ad trackers. A built-in ad tracker blocker to stop advertisers from following you around the web. With Hotspot , enjoy an free , unlimited, uncapped, and private data connection! Unblock websites, protect both your data and WiFi connections, and encrypt all the data flowing in and out of your device with a single tap in the app. Browse the web with security and peace-of-mind, knowing your connection is safe and private. Key Features: • Completely free and unlimited • Unblock sites and content • Encrypt data • Mask IP address and location • Protect WiFi networks • Tether any of your devices to your phone • Bypass firewalls • Simple, one-tap interface • Friendly user support Why use Hotspot VPN? Hotspot is an unlimited and free VPN service that bypasses all restricted websites and services such as YouTube , Facebook , Instagram and Twitter . You don't pay a dime and in just one tap, your are protected, anonymized, and unhindered in your web browsing experience. Give us a try today! What our users are saying! I've downloaded every VPN app on Android and this is the best you'll find. Fast and easy to use. I've been using this app to tether my laptop and tablet to my phone, and there are no problems at all. Many thanks! This is the only VPN app that I have found that really works! It is fast and simple to use.

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