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In short

HuntStand is a free hunting app for Android created by TerraStride Inc. It can be recommended to hunting friends and hunters. And this is a perfect way to know property owners.


I use this to kep track of my hunting stand and my trail cams

Range finder and wind direction are very useful tools

Gives me good and accurate weather conditions

Great tool to use to set up food plots

Overall I'm happy with the mapping features

Allows me to see overall big picture of my hunting area

Great app to plan your hunt

Its an awesome app for all hunters

It helps me pick my deer hunting location's before I even go to them

Love the way it works and able to drop pins where blinds

Sync feature frequently fails requiring a logout to reset

Says right on mission statement company uses government funding

Shouldn't it stay on the hunt area you selected

And ditch the crippling data limit

Unreasonable to ask for subscription

Then you changed it to require login

Quit putting updates on the app

The property lines are close but not exact

I don't use parcel info

Making people pay for things that were once free is poor business


HuntStand, the #1 free hunting app in the world, is the only hunting and land management app you will ever need. This revolutionary app is packed with invaluable mapping, weather, tracking, and social features. HuntStand was carefully designed to work in both online and offline environments. Using this app, you will have access to offline weather and maps of your hunt areas. You can edit your maps while out “in the field” then sync them with your HuntStand account. Use our Harvest, Sightings, and Task logging features to understand your property like never before. Access free property owner information and parcel boundary information for most of the country. Fully map your property using 67 easily discernible custom icons, shapes, and lines including scouting marks, stands, property boundaries, food plots, ponds, roads, trails, and numerous other important objects of interest. Attach notes to your map objects and sort them by time and type. View distance and area measurements using our advanced measurement tools. Our app will give you extremely accurate map-based distances in feet, meters, and yards and area measurements in acres. HuntStand's interface is simple, yet powerful, and puts many useful tools right at your fingertips. Create an account and gain the ability to: -Sync Hunting Area maps with -View and edit maps using ultra-advanced on-line mapping features -Share maps with friends -Create a personal profile -Join group hunting areas (allowing you to share and edit maps with your hunting friends) -View advanced statistics built from your personal harvest and sighting history -Sync your maps with other devices (Computers, tablets, phones, including both Android and iOS) HuntStand features our revolutionary patent pending HuntZone technology. The HuntZone scent tool shows wind speed, direction, distance, and time in the most streamlined and efficient way possible. You can “slide” through wind forecasts and view the effects on your desired hunting area. The HuntZone tracks where your scent will be both at a specific time and throughout your hunt, allowing you to plan accordingly. Have access to highly detailed weather and solunar information including a current weather page, (with useful charts) a 72 hour forecast, and a 5 day outlook. HuntStand, powered by TerraStride, will revolutionize the way people hunt and operate in the outdoors.

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