Idle Heroes

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In short

Idle Heroes is a free rpg game for Android created by Idle-Games. And this is a perfect way to improve graphics.


This is a really nice idle rpg game

Great game for idlers and rpg fans

Great game and great time killer

Thanks for creating this masterpiece

Awesome game so much to do and it's a great time killer

Great customer service

Keep improving the graphics and connection

Love the character design and exteriors

Cool offline leveling feature

Best idle game I believe

Disgusting customer service

Game says need update

It always says network timeout

Fix your game before you start losing paying customers

Fix the text boxes with details

Game asks me to name my character

So far extremely poor customer service

It's extremely underwhelming to put money into the game

Nobody wants this terrible v day event

Tried reinstalling and now am being asked to start new account


"A much-anticipated IDLE RPG masterpiece on Google Play Store!!!” Join millions of other players around the world and start your journey from Sara Forest to the High Heaven, leading your band of heroes into ancient ruins to battle the forces of darkness! GAME FEATURES: IDLE System Set your heroes training while you’re away. When you return to your phone, they will be stronger, gained new abilities, and ready for battle. Grow & Train a powerful squad without all the grinding! Evolving Strategy More than 200 Heroes in different factions with specific skills. Summon your Warriors, TRAIN them to become powerful heroes, or convert them into Spirit material for EVOLVING. Forge magical gears, and outfit your warriors for victory! TONS of Content With battlegrounds galore and dungeons aplenty, heroic quests, mysterious towers, arena, guild, much fun to enjoy! GUILD Wars Fight alongside your friends and players everywhere in a war for control of the floating continent. Join multiplayer guild boss-battles and lead your guild to supremacy! Worldwide Arena Put forth your best heroes to do battle in the ARENA. Watch them PK online in a multiplayer contest for glory! Climb the Leader board for the best rewards! Contact us: Email: Facebook:

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