iHunt By Ruger: 750 Hunt Calls

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In short

iHunt By Ruger: 750 Hunt Calls is a free Android ihunt app developed by altusbrands. This is a good app to listen to music.


By far the best caller for your money

I enjoyed this app for this seasons Fallow rut and the Red roar

Super perfect to listen to my music thru from cell phone

I highly recommend this calling system

Very good call selection

The I Hunt Bluetooth remote speaker is a great compliment

Great call for the money lots of different calls and great range

Great company support

I have the speaker unit and it puts out great authentic sounds

I really love this new ihunt app by Ruger

Taking mine back to gander mountain today

The signal range is joke also

Called in a bull elk within 50 yards last fall

This sucks after the download you have to buy the calls

99 is overpriced for the terrible sound quality

The call quality is garbage

It wouldn't even fool a senile deaf moose

The active periods are a joke

Not based on solunar crap

Absolute worst quality of calls ever for moose


#1 SELLING HUNTING APP ON Android & iOS FOR OVER 4 YEARS Featured in the 2015 Game & Fish Magazine Top Five Hunting Apps Over 750 animal calls; Powerful playlist feature; More calls added every year! Whether you hunt deer, ducks, or varmints, you must have our app. This is the most extensive collection of animal calls: elk, coyote, moose, bear, pheasant, wolf, bird, duck, deer, wild boar, raccoon, and many other wildlife and predators. Includes species for North America, S. Africa, Europe and Australia (full list below). BENEFITS • Attract “educated” game by never playing the same call sequence twice. An almost infinite number of calls can be created using the unique Playlist feature. • Solunar tables and Moon Phase. Know when animals and fish are active & feeding with the Solunar Tables • Accurate weather Weather Forecaster – never get caught downwind with up to the minute wind direction • Track your trophies - Keep detailed logs of every hunt to remember what works and what doesn't; add your photos for a better record on the Activity Log • Share Photos of your trophies with the iHUNT community directly from the app. • Free extras - Flashlight , all the tools you need in one app (on supported devices only) • Make an educated purchasing decision - Free to try, cheap to buy ! One purchase unlocks all calls for life. Why spend over $200 for an electronic caller in the stores when you can get this app for less than the price of *batteries* for one of those callers? When scouting for wildlife in new topography, use iHUNT to help identify new animal calls. Get all the volume you need (up to 110 dB) and extend your range (> 50 yards, more than any other bluetooth speaker) when paired with the iHUNT Speaker or iHunt decoy. This Bluetooth speaker has been optimized to work with the iHUNT app. Use in remote locations - does not require a wifi or cellular connection! HUNTING CALLS Alligator & Crocs - 26 calls Bears - 12 calls Birds - 36 calls Bobcats - 13 calls Buffalo & Bison - 6 calls Chicken - 12 calls Chipmunks - 4 calls Cows - 11 calls Coyote - 56 calls Crows & Raven - 32 calls Deer - 65 calls Donkey - 7 calls Duck - 41 calls Elk - 30 calls Fox - 29 calls Geese - 35 calls Goats - 5 calls Hawks & Eagles - 14 calls Jackal & Lion - 7 Mice & Rats - 10 calls Moose - 34 calls Owl - 22 calls Pheasant - 7 calls Prairie Dog - 8 calls Quail - 13 calls Rabbit & Hare - 22 calls Raccoon, nutria, possum, beaver, wombat - 22 calls Sheep & Lamb - 8 calls Snipe Bird - 9 calls Squirrels - 17 calls Turkey - 37 calls Wild Boar & Pigs - 22 calls Wildebeest - 6 calls Wolf - 7 Zebra - 8 calls We've been the #1 selling hunting app for over 4 years now! Forget about the rest and go with the best: iHunt! Please leave a review on Google Play Store! Like us on Facebook: Visit our web site: Contact us: with any questions or comments Requires a wifi connection to download ------------------------------

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