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In short

Infowars LIVE is a free Android info wars app developed by InfoWars. This app is recommended for people and brothers. This is a good app to choose between video.


But I use it to download the podcast for later use

I absolutely love being able to choose between video and radio mode

Excellent alternative news source

Brilliant application and great news outlet

Thanks Infowars team for your commitment to 360 quality

Thank you for my brothers and sisters

The best info wars app by far

Great to introduce the truth to people during conversation

Keep up the good fight Alex and Team

The best news link I've ever had

No interface to load podcast

I have to kill the app and restart every time to refresh the stream

And the app crashes on my Android tablet

Putting an ad over a video simply makes me not want to use this app

Radio function does not work

The video freezes 10 seconds after starting to watch every time

Garbage source for news

Mediocre streaming capabilities

Gave it a 1 star rating

Alex Jones is so biased and a total retard


Stay informed and up to date with Infowars LIVE, your top source for independent alternative news. Watch the Alex Jones Show live from your phone or tablet. Get the latest headline news free from the distortions of the main stream media. Every story is organized by category so you can find the information you want, when you want it. This app also features "Radio Mode"so you can listen to the Alex Jones Show while you are on the run. Download this app and join us in the fight to save humanity!

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