Japan Travel –Route, Map, JR

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In short

Japan Travel –Route, Map, JR is a free app for Android made by NAVITIME JAPAN CO., LTD. It helps to have attractions suggestions.


It was so useful during my Japan trip

The app has helpful phrases and helpful things to do nearby options

Which made it so much better than Google Maps

Recommend to have attractions suggestions near by every station

It's good to know platform numbers

Very nice app for getting information about JR and metro

Lifesaver for train navigation

Simple train schedules and routes

Helped me this newbie a lot in instant route planning

Perfect for route searches

JR Pass filter does not work well


NAVITIME for Japan Travel will help you travel around like a local! [PLEASE NOTE] - NTT FREE Wi-Fi no longer requires an ID to connect. You can connect by registering your email address when you're in Japan. - We have discontinued support for versions less than Android 4.4. App Overview - Explore (Travel guides/articles) - Route Search - Offline Spot Search (Free Wi-Fi, Currency Exchange, ATM, Tourist Information Center, Stations) - Spot Search by Phone Number - Map - Conversation Support About the Features Explore: - We provide you with basic guides and informative articles about traveling in Japan, written by foreign autohrs residing in Japan. - Topics include Internet connection, transport, money, driving, experiences, food, etc. Route Search: - The app navigates you from your preferred point of departure to your destination. - Search covers all modes of public transport (trains including JR and subway lines, airplanes, taxis, and ferries). - Provides useful information such as the most convenient carriage number for train transit, platform information and station lists. - Search directly from a zoomable interactive map of the Tokyo area. - Allows you to save up to 50 recently searched routes. You can also see them while offline. - You can save your route search results on your calendar. Offline Spot Search: - Search offline for the following spots: * Free Wi-Fi hotspots (NTT FREE Wi-Fi, FREESPOT, Starbucks, SoftBank Wi-Fi, etc.) * Currency Exchange * ATM * Tourist Information Center * Station - "Spot Locator"will tell you the approximate distance and direction to your destination. Spot Search by phone number: - Spot serach by entering phone numbers from guide books. - Search locations by copying phone numbers directly from your browser. You can also search for routes to the spot. Map: - Location mapping and spot search. Conversation Support: - A list of useful Japanese phrases. Multilingual: - English - 한글 - 繁體中文 - 简体中文 PAID Features: - Get route directions on the map. - Search alternative routes in case of a disruption to your searched route. - View the time table of the public transportation method from the route search result. To upgrade, please purchase the 7-day, 30-day, or 1 year Ticket via In-App-Purchase. ** NOTICE With a device running Android OS 4.4 or above, please set the following items in "Developer options"initial configuration to operate our app properly. - Force GPU rendering - Do not keep activities - Background process limit - Show all ANRs

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